In continuity to its growth path and offering Premium Products in Power &Telecom space, Polycab has also forayed into Solar products . Amongst Our  offerings are Solar DC Cables which have now been sold extensively Pan India in large projects as well as through Channel Sales. We have also launched Solar Grid Tie String Inverters and  true MPPT based Solar Pump Controller with Voltage Booster giving very high efficiency output and Solar Pumping Systems. We will soon be launching Micro Inverters & Hybrid Inverters with excellent USPs.

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E-KwBe is a new modular lithiumion based energy storage system which can help to optimize the use of in house solar energy systems, cut the electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint.

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Vast majority of the large scale solar sites are built in desert environments, benefiting the high radiation. At the same stroke, these sites suffer from frequent dust storms and production losses associated with soiling. Current manual cleaning solutions are not effective nor scalable, and require thousands of liters of water which are scarce resources in these geographies

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Gsolar Power Co.Ltd as world-leading equipment supplier in PV industry, is serving for more than 1300 solar module manufacturers, labs, universities and third authoritative metrology insititutes accross the world.

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The Duomax module is available in both 60 cell and 72 cell configuration. It is made up of two layers of 2.5mm thin heat-strengthened glass for front and back of the module. This is different from the conventional module which uses front glass and backsheet structure. EVA is available in white and transparent version if more light through is required.

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MECO Solar Power Meter is a portable meter used for measuring Solar Power or Solar Irradiance. It uses High sensitivity Silicon Photodiode to measure solar power. Solar Meter can also detect Solar Tilt Angle with Orientation. 


Arctech is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar photovoltaic mounting structures and trackers for utilities, commercial and residential projects.

Read more: ArctechSolar trackers are solutions to high return on investment and make solar projects economically profitable under cost pressure

SUNMount Engineering LLP is a fast growing company as a turnkey solution provider for Module Mounting Structures and DC package to leading developers and EPC companies. Apart from the regular module mounting structures like fixed tilt & seasonal tilt, we provide single axis tracking solution and floating PV solution. 

For floating PV solution, we have a partnership with a proven technology solutions provider based in California specializing in floating solar arrays to enable highly reliable, low-cost and eco-friendly installations on lakes, dams, and near-shore seawater. 

Read more: SunMount: For floating PV solution, we have a partnership with a proven technology solutions provider based in California

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