SunMount: For floating PV solution, we have a partnership with a proven technology solutions provider based in California

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SUNMount Engineering LLP is a fast growing company as a turnkey solution provider for Module Mounting Structures and DC package to leading developers and EPC companies. Apart from the regular module mounting structures like fixed tilt & seasonal tilt, we provide single axis tracking solution and floating PV solution. 

For floating PV solution, we have a partnership with a proven technology solutions provider based in California specializing in floating solar arrays to enable highly reliable, low-cost and eco-friendly installations on lakes, dams, and near-shore seawater. 

Our strategy to adapt to the market dynamics and implement technology that our clients need, puts us well positioned from others to cater to the growing solar market. 

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a. Product Introduction 

For floating PV structures we offer an eco-friendly solution which uses long-lasting materials and construction techniques developed for the irrigation industry used all over the world for water abduction: standard high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings and a rugged, fail safe raft design derived from offshore-wind technology. Most crucially our solution reduces water evaporation, provides sunlight & air for underwater life, resists algae & bio-fouling and gives higher yields due to cooler modules. 

b. Technology Specifications 

HDPE pipes have been used in piping applications for more than 50 years. The standard HDPE pipes are made from PE100 pipe material whose technical specifications are as below. 

Polyethylene pipes are used to transport drinking water. They are resistant to biological build-up, and can thus be used on top of drinking water reservoirs, where a strict standard Is necessary, over an unlimited time. PE pipe is not subject to corrosion. PE pipes have a far greater life expectancy than traditional materials like concrete, iron and steel.

The PE pipe industry conservatively estimates the lifespan of PE pipe to be 50-100 years. Several generations of solar panels can be used on one raft. 

c. Technology Advancements 

HDPE pipes provide many advantages they are leak-free their flexibility allows it to withstand climatologic events which cannot be forecast, their light weight reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment their high strain allowance virtually eliminates breakage due to freezing 

Our floating PV solution can be installed on water bodies with fishes and flora: Its unique design allows the sun and the air to preserve the life, while still reducing water evaporation by 70%. Sun rays can go through the structure, Fishes and vegetation are not affected. Patented bio-fouling protection, No algae treatment necessary, and Reduce water evaporation. Our unique anchoring system, combined with our assembly of pipes design, makes our solution compliant with large variations of water level (upto 3 meters of dally variation).

d. Targeted/ Benefitted Customer Segment 

We are supplying standard floating arrays between50kW and 250kW customized to fit your needs. These arrays are combined to make utility scale floating solar power plants. We can provide you with a turnkey floating solar plant, from a few kW to multi MW installations on lakes, dams, and near-shore seawater. 

e. Price/ Cost Range (Optional) 

We are the most economical in the market.



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