TMEIC Develops and Commences Sales of AC Station for PV Systems – Realizing the World’s Highest Level of AC Output Capacity

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Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (hereinafter, “TMEIC”; President & CEO Masahiko Yamawaki) currently has developed and commenced sales of its SOLAR WARE™ STATION, an AC station which is a package solution offering a 1500V series indoor PV inverter, transformer, switchgear and other equipment.



Product sales have commenced in overseas markets. With the further global expansion of the PV market, there is a greater demand for providing package solutions that will contribute to enhanced engineering efficiency, a reduction in construction costs and stabilization of system quality. TMEIC newly developed the AC station to meet this demand and will contribute to maximizing customer benefits as an industry leader. 

Features and Benefits of SOLAR WARE™ STATION

1. Flexible design realizes an extensive range of solutions.

  • AC Station

          One-stop solution that will store PV inverter, transformer and switchgear in a container

  • L-H Combo

          A solution that realizes large-capacity output at minimum cost by storing PV inverter and switchgear inside a container (can realize AC output capacity of up to 10MW, which is the world’s largest level, by using a 40ft container)

  • Inverter Package

         A solution that only stores PV inverter inside a container for customers who are separately ordering a transformer and switchgear

2. Workability of installation will contribute to shortening construction period and reducing overall construction costs.

3. Ease of maintenance that will not be affected by the surrounding environment

“SOLAR WARE” is a trade mark of TMEIC in Japan, the United States, India, China and the EU.



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