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“Contracting for solar systems” enables access to low-cost solar power without additional capital expenditure

The Burchert Bakery in Bitterfeld-Wolfen will be able to reduce electricity costs using a 9.9 kW solar system on its roof. The special feature is: not a single cent has been invested by the company for the solar system. This is possible, thanks to the new business model “Contracting for Solar Systems” offered by public energy provider, Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen, along with ISM Energy and Hanwha Q CELLS. Stadtwerke is acting as the customer’s contract partner and energy supplier. ISM Energy is responsible for planning and installing the solar system, due for completion in April 2018.

Hanwha Q CELLS is supplying high-performance solar modules from its renowned Q CELLS brand. In the future, the Burchert Bakery will obtain more than a quarter of its energy needs from the 31-module-strong solar system. Q CELLS will supply its top module, the Q.PEAK DUO-G5, which utilizes half-cell technology and touts output levels of 320 Wp. For surplus electricity that is fed into the grid, the bakery can receive the applicable feed-in remuneration. In return, it simply needs to transfer a monthly fixed lump sum to Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen. No capital expenditure is required for the bakery. In this manner, small- and medium-sized businesses are now being given the opportunity to reduce their electricity costs effectively while sustainably procuring solar power without restricting their own investment scope.

Local partners of renewable energies create broad access to energy transition

With “Contracting for Solar Systems,” the partners Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen, ISM Energy and Hanwha Q CELLS again demonstrate their combined innovative power and competence in the field of renewal energy solutions. The partners pursue the goal to make low-cost solar power accessible to broader sectors of the population. To this end, the three companies already implemented their first tenant electricity systems on residential buildings in the region in 2017. Here, tenants have been able to consume solar power from their own roof while saving costs. Further tenant electricity projects will be introduced this year. With the “Contracting” model, the next population group, small and medium-sized businesses as well as owners of residential buildings, will receive access to low-cost solar power without any layout of capital.

Christian Dubiel, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen said: “Contracting for Solar Systems is very interesting for enterprises and building owners who would like to sustainably reduce their energy costs, but who do not necessarily have the funds for own capital investment. As Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen, we are now offering our customers, beside the tenant electricity model, the next opportunity to participate in the energy transition with smart energy solutions.”

Tobias Schmidt, CEO of ISM Group, is excited about the new business model: “With the Contracting model, we as energy partner again demonstrate that we offer innovative, sustainable and profitable energy solutions to the people in Saxony-Anhalt and throughout Germany. The model is beneficial for all parties involved. I am sure that ISM Group together with its partners will enable access to low-cost and environmentally friendly solar power for many more enterprises.”

Mario Schulte, Account Manager of Hanwha Q CELLS, added: “Contracting for Solar Systems” works perfectly. It is a model of success not only in our region, but also throughout Germany and Europe. For the investor, an important aspect is to be able to use highly durable, powerful solar modules. With our Q.PEAK DUO-G5, which is based on half-cell technology, the Q CELLS brand offers the ideal solar module for this. “

Profitable for everyone involved – this is how “Contracting for Solar Systems” works:


– Does not contribute any investment

– Receives as much electricity as possible from the solar system

– Receives the latest applicable feed-in remuneration for surplus solar power

– Pays simply a monthly lump sum to Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen

– Increases the value of its property and actively contributes to climate protection

Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Contract Partner)

– Serves as the contract partner and the customer’s power supplier

– Bears 100% of the investment costs for the procurement and installation of the solar system as well as operation, service and maintenance

– Handles all formalities, such as the application according to the German Renewable Energy Resources Act (EEG)

– Pays for the insurance of the system against natural hazards

ISM Energy (Installation Partner)

– Designs the system, optimized to the customer’s individual power consumption

– Performs the complete procurement and installation of the system

– Performs operation, service and maintenance of the photovoltaic system

– Installs an energy storage device for the system on request

Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH (Solar Module Partner)

– Supplies high-performance solar modules “Engineered in Germany” for the system

– The solar modules used have been developed at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Quality in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.x`

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