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How To Choose The Best Installation Position For PV Inverter?

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The installation environment of PV system is very important to users, especially the installation location of inverter is not only related to the generation of electricity, but also closely related to the safety of users.

However, after-sales service of SOFARSOLAR released a statement explaining just how important about choose a best installation position for PV inverter.In many projects, there are many non-standard installation site in inverter installation, which may result in declining the quality of the power station and reducing the revenue of users.Although the inverter has a IP65 protection level, if it keeps long-term exposure to complex environments such as sun exposure, rain and snow, etc,which could shorten the life of inverter. Any user doesn't want to see a problem like this.

This requires system installers to choose the right location when installing inverters. So how to choose the best position?

1.The inverter should avoid direct sunlight.

2.The inverter should avoid getting wet from rain and snow.

3.The Inverter installation cannot too tilt (max15 °), inversion, and tile.

4.The inverter shall should be installed with a certain space between the right and left sides on the back plate.

As shown in the figure, you can clearly find the appropriate installation location. In addition, the user should pay attention to the following matters when installing the inverter:

1.It should be easy to cut off the power supply .

2.The wall should have enough strength to support inverter .

3.Can not be touched by child.

When you inverter has been installed,take good care of it.You should check the inverter regularly to see its indicator lights, temperature, sound, if you find any abnormality you can contact the installer and SOFARSOLAR service in time.




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