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Indian Power Sector- Progressing Endlessly

Industry Insights

The Indian power sector scenario has improved continuously. Renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric and wind power generation have emerged as potential. Renewable energy sources are generally unlimited in availability. 


Solar power generation has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar energy, which is abundant in nature and no recurring fuel cost, is considered to be the best and non polluting.

Solar energy is obtained through the use of Solar cells. The Solar cells convert sunlight into electrical energy, based on the principle of photovoltaic effect. The electricity so obtained can directly be used to charge the batteries used for various appliances.

To get the maximum efficiency from solar Modules, In India modules should be oriented south facing to receive maximum sunlight, The Modules produce more power at low temperature and full sun & tracking the Sun increases the amount of power from an array. The Solar panels are generally installed in such a way that they can receive maximum direct sunlight without shade from any building/trees nearby falling on them at any part of the day.

The government has subsidized librally the solar projects in rural areas during the 2016 Budget. The metering industry has developed the following instruments for the solar power measurements. 

In measuring industry such instruments are available to check the efficiency of solar Cells, Solar Modules, Solar Arrays, Solar Invertors, Solar Heaters, Solar Batteries and after Generating DC Power Convert into AC Power measurement like Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Import/ Export Energy, Harmonics Etc also available instruments in our industry.  

Metering industry has solution for following parameters measurement:

1. To check the efficiency of Solar Cells / Modules / Panels with Solar Module Analyzers. To know the efficiency of solar panels we have to measure important parameters like Voc-Open circuit voltage, Isc-Short circuit current, Vmax- Maximum Voltage, Imax- Maximum Current, Pmax- Maximum power with I-V Curve test at Standard Test Conditions or Peak Power Output. 

2. To check the Solar Arrays / Strings (Number of panels in Series or Parallel) with Solar System Analyzers. For check the efficiency of your solar system you have measure above mention parameters as well temperature measurement, Irradiance Measurement of sun light, Series Resistance of Solar Panels.

Provide operating Condition (OPC) and Standard Test Condition (STC) test reports for Verification of solar panel Performance (OK or NO OK) with power clamps ( AC & DC) continuously measure / monitor / record the DC power output of Solar Systems and the AC power output of inverter (1 Ph. Or balanced 3 Ph); calculate the efficiency of DC to AC Power Conversation and the efficiency of the max. output power.

3. To check the Irradiation Power in watt / m2 and Tilt Angle Measurement with Solar Power Meter. Solar Power Measurements with Orientation and Tilt Angle. In Industry Solar Power Measurement Range is available upto 2000 W/m2. Easy Measurment for rate of daylight Penetration, Auto Change for measuring range, Instantaneous, Average, Min/max values, Data Hold with Low battery Indicator. Meters have facility of Socket of Tripod Mounting.

4. To check the AC Power & Energy (1 ph. As well as 3 ph. Load) generated from solar power. We can check with 3 phase Multifunction power & Energy Meter with M.D. & T.H.D – TRMS.

• TRMS Measurment

• 23 Parameters on 46 Pages

• 3 Phase 3 wire / 3 Phase 4 Wire Systems (User Selectable)

• Programable CTR, PTR, Instrument Address, Password & MD Period.

• Energy Import / Export ( 4 Quadrant Operations)

• Energy Retention & Password Protected Energy Reset Facility

• Max. Demand for KW or KVA with user Selectable Demand Interval 5-30 Minutes

• THD for Voltage & Current

• Phase Angle & Phasor Angle Measurement

• Measurment of Min. & Max. Voltage & Current Values

• RUN Hours, ON Hours & Set date & Time

• RS 485 port with power master software.


By Prashant Thakkar, Manager(Solar Products)- MECO Instruments Pvt Ltd 




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