Solar PV Construction Management

Each project has its own complexities in terms of financial models, managerial capabilities, project evaluation, project structures, technical requirements etc. and right construction management skills are required to overcome these.


Solar PV Project Construction master-class aims to address new challenges in terms of project management, project construction, financial management and assessing the risks involved in the project development.Solar PV Project Construction is a rapidly evolving field with new solutions in construction, logistics and supply chain, equipment technology, applications and services as project developers seek to reduce the construction time and improve project performance.


The workshop will offer an excellent learning and networking opportunity for representatives from all stakeholders of solar industry. A combination of presentations by invited speakers, case study sessions, and discussion sessions reviewing recent advances in technology make this workshop a must attend for you and your team members.


Course Structure:

Constructing For Profitability: Latest Developments In Project Design and Engineering

What are the major project design and planning considerations which enable efficient construction of projects?

Key make-it or break-it factors in designing effective project profitability’s

How to avoid key technical issues during solar project construction and operations by effective planning and designing?

What are latest technologies available to improve project designing and work planning?


Analysing key steps in project construction and engineering

1) Effective selection criteria of key project equipment’s

2) Effective evaluation of EPC and technology options

3) Final acceptance testing & commissioning 

4) Grid Connection


Project Construction Management Module 1 

Effective planning and methodology to manage complex project portfolios

Effective methodology for setting up timelines and project milestones

Resource planning and work-force management

What kinds of risks are involved and techniques to overcome these risks?

How should you manage vendors and contractors effectively?

How to manage quality, health and safety issues?


Setting Up Effective Project Controls 

Drawing up a project control plan: CPM schedule, budget, code of accounts, trends, Milestone Schedule, Contingency Tracking, Schedule Optimization

Definitive Cost Estimate

Tracking project profitability during construction

Avoiding key delay risks and planning for contingencies


Financial Management Of Solar Project Construction 

What is needed to make solar PV projects economical, profitable and financeable?

What are the Financial risks involved during construction?

Strategies for effective financial risk management?

How to manage fluctuations and variability in costs and currency rates?


Successful cash flow management and improving financial performance of projects

Contract Management For Projects

Discuss the best contract terms to draw up with project stakeholders to ensure the success and longevity of your project?

What are the current industry standards, where are they lacking and why, what changes are needed?

What are the major legal and contracting issues in solar PV project construction?

What are the common penalty structures in existence?


Procurement Management

Technical discussion on evaluation parameters for right project equipment’s including modules, inverters, mounting structures etc.

Setting up effective procurement procedures and supply chains for solar project development

Key issues in global sourcing and procurement

Risks in supply chain management and project logistics

Availability vs Quality: Defining standards and practices for equipment’s in project development

Key Challenges In Solar Portfolio Construction Management

Key challenges in planning project construction across multiple sites

Effective resource planning: temporary and permanent resource management

Effective prioritisation techniques in project management

Use of automation and technology tools for solar project management

Project Closeout: Warranty Management, Service Agreements and Legal Issues

Practical approach to effective project close-out for solar projects

Managing claims: How, What and When?

Aligning goals with an OEM to ensure a smooth transition post warranty 

Rewarding an OEM to benchmark their performance

Using transparency to improve the OEM/Operator relationship 

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