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Masterclass: Solar Asset Management

Masterclass: Solar Asset Management

The total solar power installed capacity in India has now crossed 20 GW Milestone. As more investment is pouring into the solar energy sector now then never before it is important to understand the intricate details of the extremely dynamic, volatile and vulnerable solar projects. It is crucial and important for entire chain to understand the importance of operations, maintenance & monitoring and take corrective measures to improve the efficiency of the projects.

Operation and Maintenance is one of the most critical requirements of successful and profitably operating solar power projects. Good O&M practices have an impact on both technical and financial performance of the projects while improving the life of the project. Given the increasing cost of electricity and equity, it is important to extract maximum value from the installed solar power projects to yield maximum financial returns for the investors. Increased focus on good quality O&M of installed projects also reduces the occurrence of project breakdown and hence prevent potential losses to the investors. For energy sources such as solar where there are no fuel costs, operation and maintenance helps improve the efficiency of power generation thus bringing down the cost per unit of electricity generated. With an ever improving technology and better IT practices in the industry, it is important to keep updated with the latest practices of operating and maintaining solar farms and projects is the country

India’s premier Masterclass on Solar O&M:Utility & Rooftop will have an array of insightful discussions providing the ideal platform to meet valuable contacts and achieve great business. This masterclass is designed to specifically focus on the key technical, operational and IT related issues of managing solar energy projects in the country.

Engaging Group Discussions, Practical Insights, Case Studies, Excellent Learning Opportunities Make This An Extremely Interactive And Knowledge Intensive Platform

➤ Develop an in-depth understanding of requirements of the sector

➤ Enhance your managerial capabilities and skill-set as a senior industry professional

➤ Gain significant expertise in various aspects of the evolving business scenarios

➤ Stay updated with latest developments across the industry

➤ Learn about newly-released practices in the industry

➤ Excellent program, better networking, greater opportunities

➤ Learn from carefully selected world-class faculty

Course Structure




Session 1: Planning & Strategy      

  • Understand pre construction steps to build and equip analytics, processes and teams for remote plant operation
  • Implementation Plan outlining the timelines, resources required and tools for tracking and measuring success
  • Self Sustainability-Make Use Of available resources
  • Outsourcing option for relevant activity of O&M wherever appropriate    
  • Priority list for sources and technologies to be needed
  • Identifying risks and tools to mitigate them                                            


Networking Tea Break                                                                                              


Session 2: Data Monitoring & Analytics: Preventive & Predictive Planning      


  • Managing and structuring of ‘big data’ for easy accessibility and analysing for positive decision making
  • Central vs. Distributed plant supervision
  • Prioritizing maintenance needs through automated fault reporting and diagnostic algorithms
  • Discover challenges and solutions for Maintenance Management Systems
  • Importance Of Data for Preventive & Predictive Planning


Networking Lunch Break                                                                                         


Session 3: Performance Optimisation & Enhancement: Corrective Actions

  • Evaluating performance of complex variables and benchmarking
  • CAPEX-OPEX analysis of component replacements
  • The Solar Collector enhancement
  • Profitability Assessment with identified parameters
  • Technical upgradation, retrofitting and eliminating malfunctions


17.00 Onwards

Networking Tea & End Of The Day                                                            






Session 4: Retrofit, Security & Disaster Management     

  • Retrofit additional components to an existing power plant to increase generation
  • Defining protective measures for the plant
  • Back up communication in case of vandalism
  • Analysis of past disasters & mechanism to handle future disaster
  • Reconstruction & recovery measures
  • Restoration of infrastructure


Networking Tea Break                                                                                             


Session 5:  Contractual Management

·       Current standards in contracts for O&M of PV plants

·       Guarantees, Warranties and Insurance that protects project owners

·       Grey areas in liability and responsibilities of different project stakeholders

·       Contractual best practices - what are the key points to negotiate?

·       Legal hurdles faced by project stakeholders


Networking Tea Break                                                                                           


Session 6: Financial Management

  • Budgeting Of O&M: Allotment Of Funds
  • Optimize balance between cost of scheduled maintenance and yield
  • Inventory & Spare part strategy
  • Impressive cost reductions using effective financial management
  • Key financial decision making during O&M phase
  • Estimating Accurate Asset & Lifetime Value During O&M Phase



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Event Date 14-06-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 15-06-2018 5:00 pm
Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport
Mahipalpur Bypass, Mahipalpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110037, India
Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

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