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In Conversation With Mr. Sishir Goel , Vice President- Technology & Marketing, Brij Encapsulants (India)

Let’s begin with a glimpse of your company’s presence and offerings in India.

Brij started manufacturing ‘Brij Advantage’ range of Solar EVA Encapsulants in the year 2011 in its fully automated facility based in the state of Haryana. Backed by its 30 years of manufacturing excellence, the company has since been experiencing exponential growth in volumes owing to its growing base of satisfied customers, top quality manufacturing practices and strict Quality control procedures in place.

The company recently expanded its product portfolio by offering the new ‘Brij Protect’ range of Solar BackSheets along with ‘Brij Advatange Plus’ range of Solar module Front Sheets for the Indian module manufacturers.

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What have been some of the recent developments at your organisation?

During the past one year, the R&D team has been busy developing the new solar BackSheets and improving the existing Solar Front Sheets for the Indian market. We have also segmented our product offering into two categories to cater to the general bipolar industry demand. Brij Protect and Brij Advantage range of Solar F&B sheets cater to the regular requirements of our customers and the Plus models for our performance driven customers.

Brief us a little bit more about the new Brij Protect range of backsheets?

BackSheets are an obvious sync with our current frontsheet offerings. For the current market scenario, we have launched two range of products in this segment – Brij Protect and Brij Protect Plus BackSheets:

  1. Brij Protect: Suitable and targeted towards modules with less stringent lifetime requirements.
  2. Brij Protect Plus: Suitable and targeted towards modules for multi MW scale projects with stringent quality, compliance as well as performance requirements.

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There has been a lot of discussion about the quality of Indian made solar modules. What is your take on that?

Recently, the Indian market has responded sensitively to price leaving little space for technological innovations and room for compromises in either understanding, procurement of cells, F&B sheets or manufacturing processes. Since F&B sheets directly impact performance of solar modules, any slack in quality may prove to be detrimental not just for the solar modules and but also the corporate brand in long term. It is strongly recommended that manufacturers ensure proper understanding of the chosen products before settling for final BOM. Our trained team would be happy to take queries and assist buyers wherever possible.

How can some of the major prevelant module defects be prevented by right mix of F&B Sheets?

With minimalistic invesments, the right backsheets will ensure lower transmission of moisture in the module whereas quality fronsheets will ensure better integrity of the laminate for better module lifetime. These factors together have been known to lower snail trails and delamination defects during modules field operation ensuring durability, reliability and performance.

From an electrical perspective, a higher dielectic and breakdown voltage strength in Brij Backsheets and improved electrical volume resistivity in Brij FrontSheets will ensure lower leakage currents and Potential induced degredation defects in modules lifetime, again leading to better output, performance ratio and higher return on investements.

What are the Advantages Brij offers as compared to other sources?

To just list a few, due its presence in NCR, Brij offers an excellent locational advantage to its clients, being able to dispatch material pan India hassle free on time. With multiple products, our customers can now also take advantage of reduced logistics costs and better competitve pricing. Not to forget, in the past 7 years Brij has established itself as a reliabile name in this industry. Customers enjoy the benefit of using reliable products tested in field for 7+ years, a mark and quality guarantee in itself.

What is your view of the Indian market and companies growth plans for this year?

Indian market is poissed to grow at a phenominal rate in the coming few years, whether due to positive project returns from solar investements or rising demand and tariffs of electricity across the country, and all this fuelled by positive government policies and a stable investment scenario. We are already geared up to cater to rising demands with our constantly improving products, new catered and specific product launches in this fiscal, stricter manufacturing processes and even better customer service experience for our customers.

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