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Sterlite Power is India’s leading private power transmission project developer with over US $ 3 billion commitment.

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In Conversation with Mr. Anil Rawal,Vice President and Head Business Aquisition - Sterlite Power

∙ Glimpse of your company’s presence and offerings in Indian Renewable Energy sector?

Sterlite Power is India’s leading private power transmission project developer with over US $ 3 billion commitment. The company’s Infrastructure business has a portfolio of 15 projects including 3 projects in Brazil helping to evacuate both conventional as well as renewable energy. The company has a rich track record of completing projects ahead of time thereby saving money and time. By maintaining above industry benchmark for availability, our networks are playing important part in providing reliable access to power.

Sterlite Power in addition to these projects have been adding value by reducing the AT&C losses by the virtue of its solutions and more importantly its ‘faster & safer projects’.

According to the Central Electricity Authority’s, National Electricity Plan 2016, “Solar and Wind map of India indicates that the potential of solar and wind power is concentrated mostly in few solar and wind rich States. In fact, 9 States in India accounts for more than 77% of the RE capacity addition by 2022. The solar and wind power generated by these States may not be consumed fully by these States. Power generated from RES by these States needs to the transported to the load centers through transmission networks. This requires strengthening of existing networks of the grid.” In the comings days as more and more renewable power gets commissioned, the load on the existing transmission lines will increase. Unless, the transmission lines matches the speed of commissioning of renewables, India could face a scenario where the generation capacity would exist but the lack of transmission network will create hindrance in the same reaching to the end user.

∙ What have been some of the recent developments at Sterlite Power?

Sterlite Power has recently added two projects to its portfolio bringing the total no. of projects to 15 with over 11,000 CKm and over $3 billion capital commitment.

∙ Tell us a bit about the recent technological Innovations in Transmission sector?

Time, space and commissioning of renewable projects are the topmost challenges of the transmission industry. The 175 GW by 2022 goal presents a need for a fresh look at the transmission lines and get future ready to be able to evacuate the power.

India like few of the advanced countries would move into adopting technologies like LIDAR, Drones, Heli-cranes and Helicopters in the construction of transmission lines. Significantly, usage of these technologies are now norm at Sterlite Power.

To ensure effective environment friendly operations, use of guyed towers, monopoles, multi-circuit towers, micro-piles, and insulated cross arms rae now being employed. Also, technologies like HTLS conductors have resulted in 2X-3X increase of current carrying capacity of existing corridor without replacing the existing transmission towers.

∙ What are your growth plans for the Indian transmission market? What are the milestones you wish to achieve in the coming years?

Sterlite Power is acknowledged for its ability to conceive and implement the projects in a environment friendly manner adhering strictest norms to ensure social value. In the PPP, currently we have a market share of 30% and in the coming years, we wish you improve the same by 10%.




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