Nuevosol through its core competency in design and operations aims to be the foremost amongst its peers in the structural EPC space

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Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. Himamsu Popuri, CEO & Managing Director, Nuevosol Energy Pvt Ltd

Nuevosol Energy is a leading solar mounting systems engineering company. What is Nuevosol’s growth strategy for the year 2016?

With the revised targets on the installed capacity, the Solar Sector is going through its most bullish phases since its inception. The Roof top solar segment is also growing exponentially thanks to the various schemes and subsidies from the Government of India.

Nuevosol through its core competency in design and operations aims to be the foremost amongst its peers in the structural EPC space. This is possible through assiduous research on design with new materials, technologies and exemplary customer service. Drawing from our accrued experience of executing over 1.5 GW of solar installations in the 4 years of our existence, we aim to achieve more than 1.5 GW of installations in the current financial year.

What are the different products and services Nuevosol offers in the Indian market?

We have products and turnkey solutions across all verticals of solar mounting needs pan India, both ground mount and rooftop. From fixed ground mounts, seasonal tilts, and trackers to solutions for flat RCC roofs, curved metallic roofs, standing seam and Klip Lok© roofs, we provide customized solutions to cater to all requirements. This versatility is achieved thanks to continuous research and development efforts within our head office in Hyderabad, combined with our experience of structure installations equaling 1500MWs across 22 Indian states over the past four and a half years.

Solar project should be designed for a life of 25 years. What quality parameters should mounting structures adhere to sustain over this period?

In the designing phase, many parameters are assumed and extrapolated to cater to the 25 year life requirement. All loads that the plant will face over its lifetime are simulated using analysis software, and the design is finalized only after the simulation results are found to be well within the acceptable range. Wind load is a largely neglected-yet-pivotal factor; Nuevosol’s design philosophy pays specific attention to this parameter. Our solutions possess a proven track record of standing firm even amidst the most torrid sandstorms, during which other solutions available in the market were uprooted. 

The materials used are vital as well. Given its low weight and higher corrosion resistance ability in comparison to post/pre galvanized MS, Galvalume proved to be a perfect match for the Solar PV sector. Nuevosol has driven the use of Galvalume, bringing about widespread mainstream acceptance for the material within the industry. ZAM is another material that, Nuevosol believes, stands to have a great run under the limelight in the near future.

Any top few distinguishing factors you would give to a project developer in India while choosing your products for its Solar PV plant?

Services that extend beyond paper-based agreements, and end-to-end assistance towards genuinely ensuring that a plant attains its true potential – these clearly set Nuevosol apart from its compatriots and competitors alike.  We assist in bettering the overall project IRR, by not only providing structure solutions but also providing assistance in DC electrical works as well. Our designs are customized and optimized to adhere seamlessly to site conditions and client requirements, and cater to a wide range of solutions, both ground mount and rooftop.  

Experience is the best teacher – goes the saying; Nuevosol’s experience within the sector is a key differentiating factor. Having executed projects in the most demanding environs, in the most challenging of circumstances, Nuevosol has truly honed its core skills and thus stands unparalleled.




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