The World Bank Group in Afghanistan Country Update

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Document Date: 2018/10/01 15:25:00
Document Type: Newsletter
Report Number: 130557
Volume No: 1
Country: Afghanistan ; 
Disclosure Date: 2018/10/18 15:23:49
Doc Name: The World Bank Group in Afghanistan : Country Update
Language: Pashto
Region: South Asia ; 
Rep Title: The World Bank Group in Afghanistan : Country Update
Topics: Industry ; Education ; Energy ; Water Resources
SubTopics: Health Care Services Industry ; Energy Policies & Economics ; Hydrology ; Educational Sciences
Unit Owning: SAREC - External Communications (SAREC)
Source Citation: The World Bank Group in Afghanistan : country update. -- Issue no. 053 (October 2018)
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Target farmers in Kandahar Province are putting into practice new horticulture methods and seeing the fruits of their labor. This is the result of technical training session on horticulture provided by the Nation Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP), which aims to increase horticultural output and productivity across the country. Project activities are currently implemented in 300 districts in 31 target provinces, numbers that may grow as conditions warrant.


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