We Have A Track Record Of More Than 4 Gw Of Installations Across Various Countries Around The World

Give us a glimpse of your company presence and offering in the Renewable energy sector in India? How was your experience with your maiden Solar Project in India?

We are one of oldest solar companies in the world having established ourselves in 1982 in Germany. Globally, we have a track record of more than 4 GW of installations across various countries around the world. In India, we started our operations during 2012 and have grown in a steady and sustainable way to establish ourselves as a successful PV platform across the value chain of Project Development/Financing, EPC & Asset Management. We have completed more than 85 MW of EPC projects in India. We are undertaking comprehensive O&M services for approx. 60 MW project in India and our development pipeline comprises of approx. 140 MW of ground mounted projects.
Our first development project in India with 20 MW AC in Odisha, awarded under SECI scheme through competitive bidding, was commissioned during 2018. The project involved acquiring land, complete EPC and developing the transmission line for the project.
Odisha project is a great success story for us as well as a confidence booster, as the whole process was managed inhouse. We not only managed to do the land acquisition, project development and transmission line successfully, but also did it in a very seamless manner. We did face certain issues related to RoW, timely receipts of the local permits etc. Withdrawal of specified bank notes (demonetisation), introduction of GST, and delay in module clearances were some of the unexpected hurdles we had to face during implementation. Overall, it was a great learning experience for our operations in India and we shall leverage this experience for the other projects in our pipeline.

How different is the Indian Solar sector as compared to other international markets viz Germany, your home country?
The Indian and German markets are in different stages of evolution, so a comparison may not be prudent. However, a higher focus on the lower price of power in India compared
to Germany is a distinct difference. This reduces the scope of technical improvement, adoption of best practices and innovation.
Furthermore, in Germany the increase in share of Renewable Energies in the grid is possible owing to the excellent supply and demand side load management which is presently not the case in India. So the Renewable Energy growth has to be in conjunction with other stable power sources growth and not at the expense of them unless you have storage system in place or excellent demand-supply load management.

What are the main challenges solar industry in India is currently facing and do you see opportunities for overseas companies to leverage on India’s ambitious targets for the RE sector?
India has had a great solar story so far. 30 GW cumulative capacities have been added. This has been possible thanks to pro-active policies, commitment to a sustainable planet and a favourable risk return matrix.
However, of late the sector has witnessed a variety of qualitative risks. Cancellation of tenders during 2018 due to multiple reasons is one of the most discouraging development. Artificial price caps in tenders also erode the credibility of fair price discovery. The ability and willingness of Discoms to source solar power due to financial constraints and demand also raises long term question about the risk pricing of solar projects. Other than the regular issues of land and evacuation availability, the challenge of grid stability can put a brake to the growth of the sector.
Despite the above factors, India shall continue to remain an attractive destination for overseas companies due to sheer size of the market. There are sub -segments in the markets which could be extremely attractive for specialised players. Overseas companies have to identify segments carefully, fix up a decent horizon, develop a local team and control costs to remain competitive in the market.

What has been your company’s role in enhancing technology knowledge sharing between India and Germany?
IBC is a organically grown solar company having more than 3 decades of experience. We treat any project in India as a part of our global effort to deliver lower LCOE. Our engineering and designing centre in Germany help us deliver the most suitable design for a PV Power plant. We also regularly work with Trade bodies, Industry association and other bi-lateral platforms to share the knowledge between these two countries.




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