“Mahindra Susten has been one of the biggest contributors in the renewable energy growth in India with a commissioned portfolio of over 2180MWp”

  In conversation with Mr. Bhasant Jain, CEO, Mahindra susten.

1) Mahindra Susten is known for its innovation in Technology, so what is next efficiency benchmarks and new products we can expect from your company?

Mahindra Susten has been a very innovative company since its inception. It started operations in 2011 by setting up India’s 1st single axis tracking PV solar plant of 5MW capacity at Rawra, Phalodi. Followed by many PV projects with robust and innovative plant designs, especially in Module mounting structures for crystalline as well as Thin film modules, plant layout, and electrical design. Mahindra Susten’s innovative ideas and focus on quality in PV plant design have always yielded good energy generation outputs from PV plants. Mahindra Susten has been one of the biggest contributors in renewable energy growth in India with a commissioned portfolio of over 2180MWp. Looking at the rapid growth & higher penetration of renewable energy in India, Mahindra Susten has developed capability in Battery Energy Storage System design for Front of the Meter & Behind the Meter applications. Mahindra Susten is working on the development of strong software & hardware platform for the integration of different renewable energy sources with different Energy Storage Technologies to deliver dispatchable/ hybrid energy.

2) Can you tell us more about Mahinda Susten’s expansion plans in Solar + Storage Segment?

PV Solar being a strength of Mahindra Susten, we have started working with different stakeholders in Battery Energy Storage System technology such as PCS, Li-ion Battery and EMS (Energy Management Software). Mahindra Susten has developed tools for optimum sizing of storage system based on


  •  Use case/ application
  •  Duty cycle/load profile
  •  Type of energy storage technology
  •  Battery degradation/repowering strategy
  •  This will also include financial analysis for best ROI.

Mahindra Susten is working with Power Electronics research groups for the development of a different type of energy conversion devices for residential, commercial & agricultural applications to offer the best value from investments made in renewable energy and it’s storage.

Mahindra Susten is sure that all of this will be complemented by prudent policies and tariffs by the government for the renewable energy sector.

3) Congratulation on your winning of the 3rd lowest tariff of the SECI’s 2 GW ISTS Phase I auction. How complex is it to achieve the lowest bid tariffs with current issues such as to safeguard duty, increased land prices and borrowing costs?

Though achieving decent project financials in such lower tariffs under the current uncertain environment is definitely quite challenging, we believe with a right mix of various optimization matrices, this is achievable. The best way to mitigate risks of current prevailing uncertainties in the solar industry is to focus on maximizing generation from the project and to reduce the cost of generation. One of the key considerations to achieve this is the identification of land parcels in solar resource reach states at strategic locations near existing or under implementation CTU substations. Mahindra Susten, with a proven track record as an EPC Contractor as well as a Developer, is strategically placed to identify & acquire such locations which reduce cost and optimize generation from the project. Also, with Mahindra Susten’s experience in deploying advanced technology configurations such as trackers, automatic cleaning robots, bifacial modules will further maximize the output from the project and reduce the cost of generation.




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