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Saatvik has recently launched SGE SMART, with in-built optimizer technology

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Saatvik Green Energy is a new age solar technology company, involved in the manufacturing of high quality solar modules.
The current product portfolio includes solar modules of all ranges starting from 40Wp up to 350Wp in both 4BB and 5BB. Saatvik uses both poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline cells to assemble these solar modules, coupled with multiple rounds of testing during and after the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality product for its esteemed customers. All module ranges have been certified to highest global quality standards.
Saatvik has successfully delivered more than 75 MW solar modules in its first year of operation, which have been successfully installed at various government buildings, government utilities, railway stations, hotels and universities. Apart from manufacturing, Saatvik has also forayed into Solar EPC services, making it an integrated solar company.
a.       Product Introduction
Saatvik has recently launched SGE SMART, with in-built optimizer technology to enhance the performance of solar projects. It works in such a way that it can tolerate shade, prevent hot-spots thus, minimizing panel degradation at all times. It therefore, ensures highest financial returns for large scale solar PV projects. It can help EPC companies to place rows more closely, resulting in efficient space utilization. Lesser utilization of space can not only reduce the per watt cost of installation but also provides real time monitoring of system to make sure you are always solar powered. SGE SMART allows the client to produce maximum energy irrespective of roof orientation, even without the usage of micro-inverters. SGE SMART works with all inverter brands, since MPPT for each cell string is fabricated in the module. It installs like a normal SGE module.
b.      Technology Specifications
SGE SMART is assembled on the same platform as the highest selling SGE 72P series, offering maximum reliability to its clients. It delivers a module level efficiency of as high as 17-18%, has high resistance to PID, can withstand 2400 Pascal wind load and 5400 Pascal snow load. SGE SMART can be designed as per customer needs ranging from 325Wp – 335Wp in Polycrystalline cells and 335Wp – 350Wp in Monocrystalline cells.
c.       Technology Advancements
Avoids negative consequences of mismatch within a module.
Eliminates hot spots resulting in minimized panel degradation.
Tolerates shade by performing MPPT on individual cell-strings, maximizing energy harvest.
Allows more modules per string reducing system cost and more efficient systems designs.
Module level disconnects provide safety and regulation compliance.
Offers flexibility in installation for any rooftop condition and orientation.
Lowers wire-losses.
Provides module level optimization, safety and monitoring.
d.      Targeted/ Benefitted Customer Segment
With this latest technology, we are targeting solar developers and EPC companies to help them achieve highest yields on their installations. They will get additional advantage over the already existing range of SGE Solar PV modules. This product is most suited for large scale projects, as well as high electricity consuming industries, commercial spaces, with paucity of roofs, so that they can maximize their solar generation.
*SGE SMART is currently under testing, and will be available very soon.



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