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Solar PV systems are making a mark in Renewable energy space across the globe. Avi Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is established as a turnkey solutions provider for O&M and Analytics. The company is making waves with its wireless SCADA system for solar PV plants. With vast Operations & Maintenance experience in MW plants, the team has expert understanding of the challenges and key performance factors in the solar domain.   Avi Solar offers entire range of SCADA hardware such as communication modules/ repeaters, String Monitoring Units and Combiner boxes.

The indigenously developed EagleSunTM SCADA is a wireless monitoring system that allows user to set login access across wide portfolio of plants situated in various geographical locations. A simple yet powerful interface enables tracking of all the critical equipment in a solar plant. EagleSunTM SCADA monitors configured devices 24X7, detect fault, gives an intuitive interface for supervision and alarm response. With instant data upload on cloud server it increases productivity of the plant. The central monitoring portal of SCADA provides an integrated view of various sites in a single dashboard.

Most solar PV plants are in remote locations and may have a very low bandwidth internet connectivity. Hence, to ensure real time monitoring of the plant, critical data is packetized using special algorithms and pushed to a cloud server. The data is also stored at local control room and can be retrieved in case of communication failure, thus ensuring reliable and accurate data availability. Retrofit solutions are also provided for plants with non-functional monitoring systems.

Get the IoT advantage: Watch your solar Plant on the Go with  EagleSun SCADA developed by AVISOLAR

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