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Locus Energy, a solar monitoring services and data analytics platform provider, recently launched the LGATE M-100 Lite - a smart datalogger focused on the fast booming rooftop solar market in India and Asia-Pacific regions.

The M-100 Lite, part of Locus Energy’s “Make in India” range of products, offers broad applicability, and is aimed at distributed rooftop requirements where communication wiring across multiple rooftops is not feasible. This data logger can be pre-configured, but is also customizable with different options at site, such as an industrial grade USB cell modem for cellular based connectivity, etc. It comes with preloaded drivers for most of the solar equipment and includes Locus Energy’s acclaimed Virtual Irradiance as a standard offering. Locus Energy’s Virtual Irradiance engine provides satellite imagery based real-time irradiation values calibrated using ground sensors. This provides a cost effective and highly accurate way of monitoring the performance of small sites without the use of physical sensors. For larger PV plants, the Virtual Irradiance is an invaluable benchmark for verifying the accuracy of pyranometers and site sensors.

“We see huge potential in the rooftop solar market in the APAC region. The M-100 lite caters to the remote monitoring and data analytics requirements of all such projects and cements the over 10 year legacy of Locus Energy’s engineering one-upmanship” said Prerit Agarwal - Vice President, International Business. Additional services such as the Active Monitoring and the Clarity Fleet Analysis deliver acutely focused data analytics to our customers about their portfolio’s system performance. 

Locus Energy expects the M100 Lite to be a game-changer for the Indian rooftop segment. Leveraging Locus’ expertise as the leading independent solar monitoring firm, the new product will ensure that solar installation sites are well-maintained and performing as expected.




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