Sanelite Solar is a manufacturer of high-quality PV modules of capacity 40Wp to 335Wp

Sanelite Solar, a green initiative from Sanelite Group, is a pivotal company in the area of renewable energy providing end-to-end solar PV solutions from manufacturing solar PV modules to solar EPC installations. The company carries with it many years of experience in solar industry and a strong financial background from Sanelite Group.

The company also offers end-to-end solar EPC solutions, grid-connected solar PV systems, off-grid solar PV systems, solar power plants, rooftop solar PV systems as well as integrated PV systems.

Our Company “Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd”, is pioneer in Engineered Green Energy Solutions such as

  • Manufacturer of High-quality A grade Solar PV Modules
  • Supplier of all major products related to solar rooftop projects (Solar PV Modules, Solar PV inverters, Cables, Junction Boxes, Remote Monitoring Solutions, Earthings)
  • All in one box –DIY Solar Kits – for small rooftop solar projects
  • Provide Turnkey EPC for Solar Rooftop projects

Featured Products

Sanelite Solar is a manufacturer of high-quality PV modules of capacity 40Wp to 335Wp. The state-of-the art production line is carefully designed ultra-modern line with high efficiency automatic laminator and auto-tabber & stringer machines. We have an in-house research and development facility that keeps the company’s technological edge sharp.

For our recent technological advancements, we have started manufacturing Mono-PERC Modules and Half-Cut Cell Modules. Along with these technological innovations, we also have developed an innovative product combination– the solar DIY Kits.

In this technological era, that combines rear wafer surface passivation and local rear contacts to maximize light capture, mono PERC solar modules are paving the way for dramatically increased PV system efficiency. Exceeding all trade standards and certifications, our mono-crystalline PERC star panels square measure out there in white (higher power) and all-black (sleeker aesthetic) PV back sheet variants.

Half-Cut Cell Modules have a fresh layout with better performance under the sun and when there is no or little sun. These modules are made from half-cut cells increase the modules efficiency by reducing resistance through the module, exposing more cell area to sunlight and increasing the amount of light absorbed. We actually tested similar product earlier last year for some of our solar pump installations where there was a need for higher voltage, and it had received a very good response.

Solar may be popular trend in 2018 and lots of adventurous entrepreneurs’ square measure shall start to marvel at DIY Solar Kits – the construct of building a solar power system by yourself. As the demand for residential sector grows, there are many new entrepreneurs & freelancers who wish to tap on the opportunity. From extensive experience of solar installations and strong franchisee/dealer network feedback, we have crafted out this plug and play solution for small-scale rooftop systems. The kit is an all-in-one solution which carries all required components of a small- scale solar rooftop system.




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