PVFix - ‘Standing Seam’ PV Module Mounting Structure For Metal Roof

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Though solar mounting structures come right after the modules and inverters, the structure’s design engineering is not given needed attention as solar modules inverters. The module mounting structure is an equally essential part because it holds the costliest investment in the projects i.e the solar modules. In a market driven by innovation and cutting-edge technologies; Sunshot Technologies is proud to present, PVFix an all new range of solar mounting structures. Most of the solar mounting structure players have limited exposure to practical requirements of the EPC from installation, layout design, longevity of the plant generation perspective. Taking this into consideration, Sunshot started developing its own PV module mounting structures from scratch with help of in- house experienced engineering design team. The structure designs are refined over the period after extensive trials. As a result, now, PVFix has an excellent product line that could solve common challenges faced by small as well as a large solar EPC player.

PVfix has an entire portfolio of the solar module mounting structures available for the variety of roof types that we see in India; be it a metal roof or RCC roof. Generally, roof is not maintained as good as other building areas. Therefore, roof conditions need to be taken into considerations while designing engineering solar module mounting structures. Also, other factors such as installation time, ease of installation, fixing method with base of roof, leakage protection are equally important. PVFix is designed engineered keeping in mind these parameters learnings distilled from 5 years of experience across 150 installations more than 1000 sites. We have a portfolio of more than 8 variety of the structure designs catering to different requirements in the rooftop market.

Technology Specifications:

Product Description:

‘PVFix - Standing Seam’ structures are suitable for various standing seam metal roof profiles like Kalzip and Klip-lock and can be customized as per requirement using 3D printing technology.

Technical Parameters:

  • Designed for wind speed as per IS 875-3
  • Made up of high-quality Aluminum material – AI6063 T6 Grade
  • Tested for pull out strength of 2.8 KN


  • Non-penetrative structure – clamps directly to roof
  • Enable higher generation
  • Leakproof installation
  • Standard prefabricated components
  • Designed for safety
  • Simple to maintain
  • Long service life
  • Optimal cost
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Middle and end clamps suitable for different module frame thickness


  • Easy to install customized structures designed and manufactured by PVFix enables EPC companies to commission power plant in record time period
  • ‘PVFix-Standing Seam’ structures help to construct power plant without any variation or alteration in the existing roof
  • Using ‘PVFix -Standing Seam’ structures, solar modules can be installed along with roof curve that improves aesthetics of the facility

Fig: Standing Seam’ PV Module Mounting Structures

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