We Are Focusing On The Silicon Crystalline Based Product Using High Quality Of Raw Materials

The machineries used for our production are of best qualities, like, Team Technik, Germany; Spire Corporation, USA etc supported with complete automation without robotics. The modules of the company are IEC certified and BIS approved. Our modules are PID free and 100% EL tested. Apart from that the products have got the certification from TUV Rheinland, ERTL, Solar Energy Centre, MNRE, Govt. of India. Besides this, we will promote PERC cells for solar module manufacturing in near future. As well as we are introducing solar panels with maximum system voltage of 1500 volts for increasing performance of the solar modules.

Featured Product

Sova Solar Limited is one of the leading solar module manufacturing in India. We have an annual capacity of 200MW per year on fully automatic machine with technological support and guidance from M/s Spire Corporation, M/S Team Technik, Germany, Auto well. We are basically the producer of poly crystalline module. Recently we have adopted a new technology called Mono–PERC to produce the modules. Our photo voltaic modules are produced with an efficiency of up to 20.08% with positive tolerance of 5%. We are making 72 cells / 66 cells / 60 cells / 54 cells / 48 cells / 40 cells / 36 cell modules ranging from 5Wp to 340Wp. By using high efficiency cells we are producing the higher watt peak modules.

Technology Specifications

We are basically using p type-doping cells to produce the modules in the case of Poly crystalline silicon based cells are used. After producing the modules the Short circuit current(Isc),open circuit voltage(Voc), maximum power point voltage(Vmpp), maximum power point current (Impp), maximum power output (P max) are maximum in this module type.

Technology Advancements

Now a days we are using a new technology Mono-PERC. In this technology, efficiency of the modules are very high (upto 20.08%). For this advancement, lower area of modules can produce higher output. Recently we have implemented dual stage EL checking. We expect that it will help in increasing our efficiency in this market. Besides this, we are introducing solar panel with maximum system voltage of 1500 volt which increases power density and performance of the solar PV module. Besides this, it will reduce the losses in DC cables, reducing capital costs, susceptibility to PID increases. It is expected that in the next five years 1500V system would see an increased market penetration around 95%.

Targeted Customer Segment

Our ambitious target is commercial and industrial sectors that have more enthusiasm for their large power bills. They have justified their expense of the solar power system. As well as we have a target of electrifying the residential areas and rural areas which will increase India’s power consumers’ sectors. As well as we have a target market in foreign countries also. We have already sent our modules in USA, Japan, Germany etc and the output is satisfactory for all these countries. In near future, we are trying to export our modules in other countries.

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