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RelyOn Solar’s Single axis Row tracker with 120 modules

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Relyon Solar launched its Single Axis row tracker for the utility scale solar market
Technology Specifications:  

Tracking Mechanism

Single Axis Row Tracker

Maximum No of Modules on a Single Tracker

100-120 Nos ; customisation based on plot area and design voltage is possible.

Tracking Range

1100 (+/- 550) adaptable

Tracking Algorithm

Astronomical Algorithm

Stowing Mechanism

Safety stowing position max 3.5 min with self contained battery backup

Power Backup

Each row is independently operated and backed by VRLA batteries

Source of Power

Auxillary power from module assembly or separate auxiliary source of 50W panel will be provide with each tracker

Annual Power Consumption

70 kWh/tracker unit

Nigh Stowing Mode

Tracker will be at safe position during Night

Cleaning Mode

Can be set at convenient position for cleaning

System Voltage

Designed for 1000 V or 1500 V


Independent backtracking for each row

Ground Slope

Compatible upto 100 N-S Gradient

Wind design

Designed to withstand 150 KMPH wind speed, customization is possible for higher wind zones

Structure Material

MS – Hot Dip Galvanized


High durability, frictionless, open bearing with high life . Simple replacement without any plant shut down.

Drive System

Robust 3 stage reduction gearbox with anti roll locking . with 24 V BLDC motors ( 120 W )


Controller Type

ARM based Controller with in-built tilt sensor.

Controlling Mechanism

Master/Slave type

Communication Type

RS-485 , Ethernet

Installation Procedure

Rapid on-site installation, no onsite welding required.

Performance Monitoring

Remote monitoring with SCADA is possible


5 Years and extendable up to 10 Years

Technology Advancements:
•         Double portrait modules on a single tracker.
•         120 modules on a single tracker unit, suitable for 1500 V Solar Plant.
•         Tracker installation is possible on 150 North-South Slope. 
•         Each row can be back-tracked independently
RelyOn Solar Pvt Limited is one of the pioneers of solar industry in India. Established in 2010 the company has a technology focus and innovation is a part of its DNA. In the span of 7 years RelyOn Solar has executed over 1600 distributed solar power generation projects all over India and abroad, ranging from a few KW to multi MW utility scale projects. It has continuously strived to offer innovative solutions and has often developed specific products and technologies to provide its projects a competitive edge. RelyOn Solar despite being a medium size company, invests very heavily in R&D and truly embodies the “Make in India” spirit. Since its inception, every year Relyon Solar has introduced new products for the solar market, like Off Grid Solar inverters, Sol-Grid Hybrid DG controllers, Reverse power protection systems, Data Logger, Carbon Brushless DC pumps, Single axis row trackers, Grid-tie inverters, Advance storage systems. It has a long pipeline of new products and product launches planned every six months. Relyon Solar has won multiple awards in India an abroad for its products and projects.
In April 2017, Relyon Solar launched its Single Axis row tracker for the utility scale solar market. The unique feature of this product is that, it is a completely indigenous product with no imported components and is the only Indian tracker which allows two panels in portrait mode thereby accommodating the highest number of panels (upto 120 panels) per row. This allows for better land coverage and much lesser civil works allowing faster installation. It requires less than 300 piles per MW. 
The tracker has a very robust gearbox and DC motor based design for each row which allows adaptive backtracking for individual row, thereby increasing the output. The robust design also improves the MTBF and MTTR parameters for the plant, making plant maintenance very easy and quick. The key components are virtually maintenance free. The lack of connecting links between rows allows easy cleaning of panels by mechanized means. It also allows solar farming, as the row pitch is large enough to allow farm equipment, like tractors and tillers and small vehicles to move in between rows. The independently powered row design also allows installation on slopes and can accommodate the land contours much better than block trackers. The row design is flexible enough to accommodate anywhere from 80 to 120 panels per row to suit the plant design based on components, voltages and shape of land parcel. It also obviates the need to stop the complete plant tracking, as individual row can be taken for maintenance separately, if need be. The specially designed bearing system is flexible enough to allow bearing change during operation, eliminating the need to stop the plant.
The astronomical algorithm allows tracking of true sun position, thereby significantly improving the output during the day, particularly during early mornings and late evenings and provides for a much more uniform energy output compared to other type of trackers and fixed /seasonal tilt systems.
With the dramatic reduction in solar tariffs in the various solar auctions, today viability of projects is dependent upon increasing the output of the plant. With the solar module prices bottoming out and even strengthening, solar trackers particularly flexible solutions like Relyon Solar Single Axis independent row tracker provide a means to project developers to improve their project returns, reduce their payback times and lower the LCOE. RelyOn Solar Single axis tracker offers a net benefit of 7-13% in generation and 3-5% in project IRR, after considering incremental tracker costs. It is product designed with the user in mind from ground up. With a presence across 15 states in India, Relyon Solar has the service and support network to provide its tracker customers the required technical assistance.



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