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Goldi Green Solar Module manufacturing facility – Excellence in manufacturing

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Goldi Green Solar Module manufacturing facility – Excellence in manufacturing
Goldi Green is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Solar PV module manufacturing company having a 250MW facility and soon expanding to 1GW. We offer modules up to the range of 360Wp using Poly & Mono crystalline solar cells. Since inception, we have always focused on delivering the best quality to our customers, resulting in which, we have earned a reputation as being quality suppliers of PV modules in India as well as across the world. 
The process of manufacturing a quality PV module at Goldi Green starts right from the time when raw materials are introduced onto the production line. Various quality controls are implemented before, during and after the production process.
Our quality control team monitors each step of the production process, ensuring each module to adhere to Goldi Green’s strict quality standards. 
This results in consistent delivery of rated power of our modules even under severe climatic conditions. 
The following in-house tests, conducted at our facility have been instrumental in improving the long term reliability of our modules.
Gel content test
● Gel content of EVA is a measure of crosslinking of the polymer.
● It is an important test to verify the EVA nature and process of Lamination.
● EVA gel content determination is considered important for the PV module quality control along with assurance of reliability of the module up to its entire service life.
● We at Goldi Green ensure Gel content of all EVA well above 75%.
✓ Proper adhesion around Solar cells prevents moisture and guarantees safety, reliability and performance of Solar cells continuously for long term.
✓ Offers physical protection from weather induced and environmental damages.
✓ Maintains stability at elevated temperatures and high UV exposure preventing yellow-browning.
✓ Optically transparent and having low thermal resistance.
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Robustness of termination test
● Robustness of termination test is useful to check termination of cable attachment with Junction box.
✓ Terminations, attachment of terminations, and attachment of the cables to the body of our modules can withstand stresses that are likely to be applied during normal assembly or handling operations.
Mechanical load test as per IEC norms
● To determine the ability of the module to withstand static load conditions.
✓ Goldi Green modules are able to withstand external static load factors like snow & ice loads of 5400 Pa and wind pressure of 2400 Pa from both the sides. 
HV test (DCW, IR, Wet leakage test)
1. DCW (Dielectric Current Withstand test)
✓ Ensuring our modules have sufficient Dielectric strength to withstand high voltage conditions, along with maintaining safety during operation. 
2. IR (Insulation resistance)
✓ Goldi Green module live parts and accessible parts are sufficiently well insulated and sufficient IR values are attained as per IEC standard.
3.  Wet leakage test
✓ Goldi Green modules have the best insulation which enables them to withstand moisture from rain, fog, dew and melted snow, thus preventing corrosion to the active parts of the module circuitry, along with prevention of ground fault or a safety hazard and assuring best performance under wet operating conditions.
Adhesion pull test
● Test is done using an Adhesion Pull tester and it is done for both conditions EVA to Glass and EVA to back sheet.
✓ Our modules are manufactured for ruggedness ensuring strong bonding between different material layers of modules like EVA to Glass and EVA to back sheet.
✓ This ensures longevity of Goldi Green modules throughout their operational lifetime.
JB pull test
✓ Goldi Green module Junction boxes are fitted taking care of appropriate bonding of Junction box with back sheet thus ascertaining strength between back sheet, junction box and sealant.
Ground continuity test
✓ All modules at Goldi Green undergo Ground continuity test. 
✓ Ground continuity test ensures that continuity is maintained in frame area after frame assembly. 
✓ As a result electrical continuity is maintained across entire frame so that at fault conditions safe grounding can be done.
Solderability peel test
✓ We regularly do solderability peel test ensuring sufficient solderability strength between solar cells and ribbon to validate the process of tabbing & stringing, solar cells and interconnect materials.
Solar energy being a long term (More than 25 years) investment, solar module reliability is one of the most important factors. 
Besides being tested by third parties (SGS-TUV-SAAR) & (UL), Goldi Green modules are also integrated for reliability testing as part of the design process, and the test results are used to fine- tune module quality during mass production.
All these efforts, backed by zero tolerance for any compromise on quality, help us maintain and deliver excellence in our products and manufacturing.
“Our solar panel installations have stood the test of time, making them a value for money investment and enhancing our customers’ faith in us”
- Goldi Green Director Chetan Shah
“Adopting a quality focused approach has been our motto and we never compromise on it. Armed with the best manufacturing know-how that technology can offer, and combined with a team of qualified professionals, we provide modules that are resilient, well-built and extremely durable giving the best power output performance compared to other reputed players”
- Goldi Green Director Bharat Bhut



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