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We offer these services throughout the project life cycle.

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BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as BK Consimpex Pvt. Ltd.) is one of India’s first private sector meteorology and environmental technology companies.
We were the first private sector entity in India to run Numerical Weather Prediction models, making high resolution weather forecasting for the Indian region available for the first time.
For the Solar Industry Accurately measuring and predicting solar radiation is the key to finding optimal locations, informing investment decisions optimizing plant efficiency, monitoring performance and scheduling maintenance for solar power projects. We offer these services throughout the project life cycle.
At WeatherSys, our foundation lies in weather forecasting and meteorological instrumentation, including providing turnkey solutions for solar weather monitoring and forecasting.  Although solar and weather monitoring present a negligible fraction of total project cost (less than 0.1%), it has been largely overlooked until recently.  As the Indian solar power market matures, we now see a demand for accurate solar and weather monitoring.  This seems prudent as the long-term viability of any solar power project hinges on the amount of solar radiation incident at a particular area and the micro-climatic conditions prevalent there.
Solar Weather Monitoring Station for Utility and Roof top:
A weather monitoring station helps in monitoring the efficiency and performance of
Solar power plants and will provide intelligence on plant operation and possible avenues
to increase the plant output. 
A Typical Solar Weather Monitoring Station includes:
Solar Radiation - GHI (Global Horizontal irradiation) and TGHI (Tilted Global Horizontal irradiation) measurements with pyranometers (Kipp & Zonen make).
Wind Speed & Direction 
Ambient temperature & Relative Humidity 
Barometric pressure 
Rain fall
Module surface temperature
PV Soiling monitoring by using DustIQ with directly communication with SCADA.
Data-logger to ingesting above sensors with MODBUS output or Remote monitoring. 
Rooftop Systems:
Generally speaking, comprehensive weather monitoring stations are not considered for small power generation systems.  However, there are two parameters that are essential monitoring even for small projects:  measuring incoming solar irradiance and back of the panel temperature.  Kipp & Zonen has recently launched a new product called RT1 which can measure this.  Especially for rooftop and small plants, the RT1 is a small, fully weatherproof duo-sensor that independently measures the incoming solar irradiance and the back panel temperature. It is extremely simple to mount on a corner of PV panel and has a soiling resistance design for low maintenance. 



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