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Sofar Solar Inverters Available in South Australia Home Battery Scheme

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The South Australia Liberal Government has officially announced their new home battery scheme on September 8th. The scheme is focused on providing households with grants of up to $6,000 to help them get the funding they need to install battery storage in their own homes.

The call for this new subsidy comes from the number of rooftop solar systems that are located in South Australia, marking the biggest government battery storage incentive to date. The use of home battery storage will help coordinate and regulate the output of these rooftop systems. 

Sofar Solar, which is one of the main subsidiaries from the larger Solar Group in China, is one of the notable providers of machinery within the new subsidy itself.  Both the offered Sofar Solar hybrid inverter and the AC coupled storage inverter are professional, top-quality products that are simple to use and highly efficient.

The AC coupled storage inverter has been developed using mature, reliable technology to ensure that user satisfaction is guaranteed. By exchanging energy with the electrical grid, it helps consumers make the most out of their energy. Along with being compatible with existing grid-tied inverters, it’s able to be operated independently and works to maximise the use of solar-generated energy with flexible operation options depending on the needs of the household. 

The Sofar Solar hybrid inverter is also one of the available products and is an excellent choice for any household. It integrates both storage and photovoltaic power generation. The inverters are highly efficient with advanced battery management and only require a low amount of maintenance. With an LCD screen and easy mobile operation, the systems have been designed to increase the energy consumption efficiency of households in order to decrease electricity costs and increase effective operation. 

Both inverters are excellent options that will now be eligible to receive funding through the new subsidy, and are perfect choices for households looking for a dependable, safe, and easy product to manage their energy consumption alongside ensuring their power’s efficiency. 

The new scheme will become available in October of this year and should see a significant improvement in the power storage statistics of households all over the South Australia region.




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