Reuniwatt Named A Finalist For The Smarter E 2019

Reuniwatt, a leading expert in atmospheric science and solar forecasting, has been nominated for the second time consecutively for The Smarter E Awards in the category: Smart Renewable Energy.

With its new SunSat Digital Twin™, Reuniwatt is bringing PV monitoring through satellite-to-irradiance data to a new level.

“We are proud that in 2019 again we are standing out with our services and products,” said Nicolas Schmutz, founder and CEO of Reuniwatt. “We are leveraging our decade long experience in satellite services to derive target production values without the need to install any hardware or ground sensors.”

Reuniwatt’s reliable satellite-to-irradiance based forecast is now provided to the user as a new, highly accurate and cost-efficient supervision tool for performance monitoring. SunSat Digital Twin™ is an innovative solar asset management tool offering a real time health check at a glance, and enabling the asset managers to optimise the yield of their solar parks and improve financial results.

SunSat Digital Twin™ can be applied to single projects or the complete fleet, thus being especially useful for asset managers who want to supervise their portfolio with one single KPI. It provides a comfortable user experience, simplifying monthly reporting requirements by automatically concentrating distributed information into one, and providing independent expert reporting much appreciated by CFO.

With easy access through your pc, tablet or mobile phone, Reuniwatt is again bringing its experience in R&D into day to day business and offering a smart solution for increasing plant and yield availability.



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