Sungevity's® Cause Marketing Initiative Surpasses $2 Million Milestone Raised For Nonprofit Partners

Sungevity, Inc., a technology-driven solutions provider, offering exceptional service and choice to residential and commercial solar energy customers, announced that it has surpassed the $2 million mark raised for its nonprofit partners through the company's partner initiative.

The program proliferates the uptake of solar power and helps Sungevity grow its customer base while simultaneously raising funds for a broad range of nonprofit organizations. Sungevity provides funding to participating organizations for each nonprofit member or supporter who goes solar through the program.

"I want to thank all the organizations who participate in for partnering with us," said Andrew Birch, Chief Executive Officer, Sungevity, Inc. "Their partnership is a great example of the rooftop revolution in action – how organizations and individuals are leveraging solar power as a solution to a broad range of issues - and we're proud to have reached this new milestone."

Initially launched in 2011 with Helen Hunt, Ed Begley, Jr. and Ed O'Neil, to support Westside Waldorf School,'s partner portfolio has grown to over 100 non-profits, including the Sierra Club, The University of California at Berkeley and In addition to contributing over $2 million to nonprofit partner initiatives, the program is expected to offset the equivalent of over 62 million lbs. of carbon emissions through solar systems created from the program.*

"Sungevity's non-profit partnership program clearly demonstrates how the for-profit and nonprofit business sectors can work hand-in-hand to tangibly advance each other's causes and have a lasting effect on our society," said Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club. "We applaud Sungevity for developing and growing this innovative cause marketing initiative, and we are very pleased to share in its success."

The program is part of Sungevity's broader partnership and technology platform model designed to accelerate the mass adoption of solar power and lower the high cost of customer acquisition in the residential solar sector. Sungevity provides exceptional service to prospective and existing customers, resulting in strong customer satisfaction ratings and high customer referral rates.

About Sungevity

Sungevity, Inc. is a technology-driven solutions provider, offering exceptional service and choice to residential and commercial solar energy customers. Leveraging its proprietary remote solar design technology, Sungevity's software enables prospective customers to get a solar quote without a site visit and provides them with visibility to potential savings on their electricity bills. 




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