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Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. Appoints JAMES A. WARE, As A Director And Vice President Of Solar Construction

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Eagle Oil Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce that, pursuant to its merger with Green Stream Finance, Inc., it is rounding out the Board of Directors with the third and final board member, James Ware.

Mr. Ware previously generated over $35 million in revenue for Hughes Network/DirecTV in combined product sales, television programming, and hardware equipment sales and distribution. His award winning company was the #1 Elite Dealer for Hughes Network/DirecTV in Midwest North America, and #1 in EchoStar/Dish network sales. In addition to his extensive background in sales and marketing, Mr. Ware is vastly experienced in the field of construction and solar development.

Through the efforts of Mr. Ware, Green Stream is currently in negotiations to construct the first solar greenhouse in Las Vegas, which is intended to become a destination spot for those innovators who may be considering the Solar Greenhouse concept for their own solar greenhouse operation.

Mr. Ware will be involved in the sales division of the company as well as acting in the capacity of VP of Solar Construction.

Before coming on board with Eagle Oil, Mr. Ware was a partner and project manager for Matrix, LLC’s commercial real-estate division, Las Vegas, NV. He was charged with overseeing over $20 million in new project development properties on the Las Vegas strip, and a multi dwelling, 28 custom home build in Suburban Las Vegas, NV.

Madeleine Cammarata, President of Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc., remarks, “James’s experience in sales and construction will be a perfect fit for Eagle Oil and our current landmark construction projects, as well as those projects across the country that Green Stream will be financing and building which will be showcased to shareholders in future press releases.”

Green Stream Finance Inc., a subsidiary of Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc., has a mission to provide its clients with financing that allows them to further distribute their energy-efficient products and services. Due to its rapid growth, Green Stream is on the way to becoming an industry leader in financing companies that operate in an environmentally friendly manner.




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