JinkoSolar’s Next-Gen Cheetah Panels Contributes To A Universal Grid Parity

Asia Pacific

A universal grid parity is just around the corner, JinkoSolar’s next-gen Cheetah series suggests the key feature of a maximum output over 400 Wp.

There’s a lot to be excited about, while a new report suggests that the Cheetah could be revolutionary in a way most people might not even realize: an industry’s first module to use 158” wafer, a new standard size.
While we all know that the JinkoSolar will switch their high volume production capacity from poly towards premium mono, following the longstanding pattern of annual power upgrades, its new Cheetah module will combine bigger size wafer with half cut cell technology. It would represent a breakthrough for both JinkoSolar and the industry, as other module makers are following JinkoSolar working on 158”, so moving towards a larger cell size ,just a generation later, is pretty impressive.

There’s a reason why JinkoSolar is moving from 156” to 158”, and it’s due to a major breakthrough in power. With the grid parity reportedly coming to more and more regions,
modules will need to deliver higher power gains in order to enable higher IRR. With the 158” premium mono process, JinkoSolar could make the leapfrog from 360-370 watt to 380-400 watt, which would dramatically upgrade project’s performance.




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