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Invertek drives P2 solar pump

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Invertek Drives Ibérica, a subsidiary of the Invertek Drives LTD, presents in Spain the solar pump system Optidrives P2 Solar Pump Drives, based on the already proven Optidrives P2 format.

Integrating the MPPT algorithm capable of making the drive always work at the maximum power point of the system. Its wide range of input voltage allows this solution to work between 345-800Vdc in its HV format and between 185-410Vdc in its LV format thus extending the working time.

This inverter can implement 3 forms of control over the WAKE UP / SLEEP function, thus obtaining total control over the operation of the installation. Making use of its digital and analog inputs, said inverter will be aware at all times of the status of the water circuit, thus applying the necessary preventive actions in case of detecting any failure in the installation. Optidrives P2 Solar Pump Drives also incorporates an internal PLC as standard that will make it a satisfactory solution for the most demanding applications.

This versatile drive capable of operating with any type of motor has integrated Modbus RTU and CANopen communication cards. Manufactured with the protection standards IP20, IP55 and IP66 and integrating a dual PI to smooth the operation of your pump, it is one of the most complete solutions for solar pumping that can be found in the market.

Invertek Drives offers the complete solution in the form of a kit that consists of a metal cabinet with IP54 protection degree, the necessary electrical protections, the required power variator as well as the set of selectors and LEDs to control the entire system.

Including the possibility of having system with manual / automatic switching / remote control monitored online optional.

– Solar pumping system with manual switching consists in introducing an AC / DC disconnector. Its actuation will always be carried out with the system inactive / off, the operating mode must be decided manually; with DC through the generation of energy according to the photovoltaic solar field, or, with AC through the generator or conventional electric network

– Solar pumping system with automatic switching consists in controlling the pumping by means of a real time clock and with irradiance sensor. Its automatic switching is defined by the time schedule and according to the actual irradiance that the measurement of the irradiance sensor makes.

They also offer customized projects for control and power of any system with programming and start-up.




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